BV DAT PARSER release information.

Initial release on 27 Feb 2013. This tool is capable of reading BVInfo.dat files and generate the xls files with the array of data.

Release on 29th April 2013. Enhancements to the existing tools. Now this tool is capable of generating dashboard with Summary, GBxx Transactions by time of day chart and Note denomination by transaction chart.

Enhanced the tool with the following functionality:

• Open folder – You may select a folder that contain dat files.
• Open files – You may select any number of files from a folder.
• Select mode – for now this tool extracts only non ECB and ECB mode data from a dat file.
• Consolidate – by selecting this check box you could generate consolidate.xlsx file that contains the summary of all process dat files from a selected folder. Consolidate.xlsx file would be generated in the source folder per a Parse.

1. Added BV Type to consolidation sheet. 2. Converted text in the dash board to number.

Fixed the performance issue.

• Fixed the problem with particular dat files which are not complaiant with BV dat specs (ex: SaveBVInfo_ww34013915.dat from Belguim).
• Tool’s “array tab” is now compatible with the interlacing format. The results are now as expected from interlace tool.

Bunch size analysis chart has been added to the dashboard sheet.

The following enhancements/features have been added in this version of tool for GBxx BV logs:

1. Consolidation: This consolidates the IV,DP,WC and RJ.

a. Added feature, the tool now can consolidate multiple BV file from one ATMID. (it removes overlap or duplicate counts). Example: ATM1_Feb1.dat , ATM1_Feb2.dat, ATM1_Feb3.dat and ATM1_Feb4.dat. The tool now can consolidate the 4 logs in 1 go excluding overlap dates (if there are any).

2. Consolidation counts per denomination: An output that produce consolidation for IV, DP and WC but in per denomination. This will help us calculate recycle rate faster.

3. Logfile.txt : this will give us the list of BVs that was not been included in process due to corrupt or wrong format for bv.

The following enhancements/features have been added in this version of tool for GBxx BV logs:

1. By default a new consolidation BV_analysis would be generated if you select consolidate check box.

2. New feature has been added to export the consolidate.xlsx into a database.

3. New feature has been added to send an email with consolidate.xlsx file as an attachement.

Enhanced the tool to display sensor level output information in a separate Sensor sheet.

Added new sheets IV, DP, WC, RJ to display respective data.

Upgraded the tool to work with Office 2016.

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